Bahram Vazirnezhad- Ph.D.- Assistant professor

About me

I received my Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering- Biomedical from Amirkabir University of Technology or Tehran Polytechnic. I am now a faculty member with the Division for Computational Linguistics and an adjunct researcher with Social Robotics Lab as well as Research Center for Biomedical Engineering and Health Systems at Sharif University of Technology. I and my colleagues cofounded the 1st Computational Linguistics (CL) department in Iran at Sharif University of Technology and started the MSc in CL program since 2010. I am the director of CL department and Speech and Language processing Lab at Sharif since 2010 and have served as the Deputy of research and graduate studies in Language and Linguistics Center at Sharif since 2011. I had been with School of Information Technology in University of Sydney from 2007 to 2008 as a research fellow where I was involved in a number of projects with a theme on IT and natural language processing (NLP). I tend to be open about developing new academic relations, so you are welcome to contact me if you have a collaboration proposal.

Research interests

- Natural language processing, Computational Linguistics
- Speech processing, speech recognition and synthesis, speech enhancement, speaker identification, pathologic speech
- Health informatics, medical text mining, medical ontology
- Artificial intelligence, machine learning, pattern recognition
- Biomedical signal processing, biomedical instruments, biosensors, chaotic signal processing

My short CV can be downloaded HERE. For a complete version please send an email.

This is my office in Sharif University of Technology.
This is my lab named Speech and Language Processing Research Laboratory in Sharif University of Technology.
This is my view of Tehran each time I look outside my window.

Tel: +98 21 66164833
Fax: +98 21 66029166