Abbas Hosseini

I am an assistant professor in the AICT research institute at Sharif University of Technology, founder and director of Sharif MLSys Lab. My background and research interest lies in the intersection of Machine Learning, Scalable Data mining and Machine Learning Systems and my main application domain is recommendation and personalization. Building on my Ph.D. Thesis work, I co-founded Tapsell Inc.

For more information you can see my CV.

Research Interests

My main research interest lies in designing end-to-end machine learning systems that can efficiently work in real world contexts. My current focus is on search, recommendation and personalization application domains and my goal for next three years is to develop a large-scale recommendation system that can recommend to online users based on their history and their context or search query. However, designing such system, requires innovation and technical breakthrough in many different directions, including:


Address: Room 803, Computer Eng. Dept., Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.